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We Make Your Writing Better. We Make Your Writers Better.

You know your stuff. But writing about it so others can understand what you need them to understand? 

* Choosing just the right words?

* In just the right order?

* With the right information?

* And the right tone?

* For the right audience?

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Prime Prose is here to help.

Prime Prose will help you get your message out. Clearly. Persuasively. Tailored to your target audience. Crafted in a style that's right for them.

Say goodbye to jargon and fuzzy writing. Instead of legalese or bureaucratic doublespeak, you'll give your readers clean, well-organized, effective prose.

Prime Prose.

We offer a wide range of writing, editing, messaging and training services for companies and organizations of any size.

Whether it’s reports or white papers, manuscripts or memos, op-eds or letters or speeches, Prime Prose helps you break through the clutter.

Call it “Situational writing,” or “Strategic communications." Call it an extra set of eyeballs.

Or call it a life saver.

Call on Prime Prose.

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