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We Make Your Writing Better. We Make Your Writers Better.

You know your stuff. But writing about it so others can understand what you need them to understand? 

* Choosing just the right words?

* In just the right order?

* With the right information?

* And the right tone?

* For the right audience?

That can be much harder.

Prime Prose is here to help.

Prime Prose will help you get your message out. Clearly. Persuasively. Tailored to your target audience. Crafted in a style that's right for them.

Say goodbye to jargon and fuzzy writing. Instead of legalese or bureaucratic doublespeak, you'll give your readers clean, well-organized, effective prose.

Prime Prose.

We offer a wide range of writing, editing, messaging and training services for companies and organizations of any size.

Whether it’s reports or white papers, manuscripts or memos, op-eds or letters or speeches, Prime Prose helps you break through the clutter.

Call it “Situational writing,” or “Strategic communications." Call it an extra set of eyeballs.

Or call it a life saver.

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