Prime Prose Can...

You have writing or editing problems? Prime Prose has answers. 

You have needs?  Prime Prose has solutions.

Here are just some of the things Prime Prose can do for you to make your writing -- and your writers -- better:


* Columns

* Speeches

* Op-Eds

* Profiles

* Features

* Annual Reports

* White Papers

* Memoranda

* Letters


* Reviewing -- and improving -- your manuscript

* Translating from bureaucratese into English

* Finding your best voice

* Zeroing in on your target audience

* Identifying your key subjects

* Eliminating extraneous information

* Reorganizing for greater impact


One-on-one and group sessions tailored to your staff 

Day-long, half-day and brown-bag sessions tailored to your schedule

* Detailed individual critiques

* Tube Tips for TV newbies


Devising an effective message

* Writing for different media platforms

* Motivating the key players

* Getting the word out

Looking for help that's not on this list? Just ask!  (Prime Prose loves new challenges!)

Contact Rick Horowitz: 414.963.9333